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This gallery is full of random sh**, I mean, things that I just wanted to draw.
If there is anything you would like to ask or to talk about. Please, feel free to do so. I would love to have a conversation with you.

PS: Please, if you want to post one or two or more of my artworks in your blog, FB, twitter or whatever social media you are using. Please tell me about it by commenting on the artwork you have chosen to post OR just note me. Then please provide the link along with it. Thank you! <3

By the way....

Random Favourites

deviation in storage by arriku
and of course. . .



The Big Fu**** Gun by NadzEscapade
The Big Fu**** Gun
OOooohh yeah!
Found my other USB while I was cleaning my room yesterday and found this WIP (which I totally forgotten about). And now IT IS DONE! JETSTAR + Futuristic Gun = CoolSHIT XD
BRO RAY FTW! (I'm so hyper today I'm gonna make PIZZA!) 

Credits to:… For the dots. 
Breath me by NadzEscapade
Breath me
Inspired by Sia's song which is the title of mine. It's also inspired on how shitty my life is going through for an entire week aaaaaaaaand it's currently raining so yeah... I think the weather is crying for me because it can see me holding my tears and my anger to everyone around me. I'm just so tired now that I don't feel like correcting any mistakes on my work or even my sentence or is it a paragraph now... oh shit, I'm getting dumber hahaha! 

Help, I have done it again

I have been here many times before
Hurt myself again today
And the worst part is there's no one else to blame

Be my friend
Hold me, wrap me up
Unfold me
I am small and needy
Warm me up
And breathe me...


This is totally my song... I can soooo relate.... 


My first digital paint for the last 5 months and it turns out so saaaaaad.
Sim Gee by NadzEscapade
Sim Gee
PP - "We're almost there. We just have to past through those dracs unseen or if you want, we could take them down since there's only two of them. Your choice." 
Rose - "Hmmm" *looks to a diff. direction, feeling uneasy* 
PP - "Hey, look one of them is leaving. Now's our ch-" *looks behind his back, narrows his eyes*
Rose- "What?" 
PP - "Are you even listening? Are you daydreaming or something b'coz now is not the time to that. Seriously, what's the probs? "  
Rose - *shrugs and calmly says* "I can do this on my own. Don't need anyone's help. I feel comfortable doing things my way." 
PP - *looks at her bleeding nose and her bruises, narrows his eyes at her and sarcastically says* "I can see that." 
Rose - *frowns, shyly turns around, wipes the blood away*
PP - *furrows his brows, face palm* "How long does your pride stands in your way, R? Seriously, WTF." 
Rose - *faces him, frowns and sighs in defeat, looks to her side and says* It's better to take them down. 
PP - *smiles in triumph* "Let's get ready then. Come closer.
Rose - *sighs in frustration* "Whhhhyyyy?" 
PP - *raises both eyebrows* We need a plan of attack. You would hear it better if you sit close to me instead of daydreaming over there." 
Rose - *frowns again* "What do you mean by that?" 
PP -  "I'm just saying you're being uncooperative. Do you really want to get that thing back or not?" 
Rose *closes her fist tightly, shuts her eyes, takes a deep breath, looks down for a moment then stands up and sits next to him* "Is this close enough?" *raises an eyebrow*
PP - *grins* Yep! Finally you are learning to be-
Rose - *glares at him* "Don't--"
PP - Aaaaalright then. As I was saying...

 ((Well, this is the closest thing I can make Party Poison Sim and I can't stop not adding a story behind the images hahhaha! Just a random pose mod I installed. OKay, okay... I'll stop submitting sims picture here...

...not really.)) HAHAH! 
Grey and Yellow by NadzEscapade
Grey and Yellow
Maybe you forgot them but they haven't forgotten you.

They'll be waiting for you. Get ready! 

Moving to scrapbook laters. Haahahah this doesn't mean a thing. I'm just enjoying the poses hehehe! 

Mooooore! PICTURES!  

Alone and broken by NadzEscapade
Alone and broken
Aaah, Sims 4. It's sooooo gooood! A stress reliever for my stressful days.

And why not to make my OC's in Danger Days (MCR) Some of you might remember her. Serendipity.
Last time I left her (or when I left role playing), she was all alone and broken. 

First time I use poses mod and I find it hard coz she goes back to default stance when I moved some objects around her and that I can't place her exactly where I wanted her to pose but all in all... It's gooooood. Really glad I found the right clothing and the bandages and stuff that I imagined she would wore! WooooH! 

Woops I forgot to set everything in High def. I always set the graphics low to avoid crashing and well, I'm in it for the gameplay not taking screenshots and everything. 
I just registered yesterday. (coz I totally forgot about it over time. You know. The site struggled to admit the sudden burst of peeps wanting to register asap so those who came in too late will have to wait for it to accept new users again.) 

ANYWAY! If you have a Pottermore account.... Please LET ME ADD YOU AS MY FRIEND THERE! Okay? My username is PhrophecyDraconis11418 btw. What about yours? LOLXD
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